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   WARD 2 Councillor 


Principled. Proven. Progressive.

Diane Chiarelli is and has always been devoted to the people. That’s what being a Candidate in the Hamilton Municipal Election is all about. After years of experience as an appointed Trustee in the Vulnerable Sector, a Tribunal Representative assisting individuals and families in various Social Services, a supporter to kids and youth. Diane has made a positive change in the lives of families, seniors, and young people through volunteerism, advocacy, and community outreach. Diane is now directing her excellence in community leadership to politics. It’s this intense dedication, passion, and devotion that fuels her fight for change. Explore the site to learn more about the issues that Diane is concerned with, and find out more about her plan for CHANGE.                      Elect Diane Chiarelli a force FOR THE PEOPLE!

Diane Chiarelli is a VOICE of and for the people! Experienced! Passionate!

August 2018

  • YWCA WOMEN OF DISTINCTION: Recipient Community Development and Social Activism: "Diane Chiarelli has devoted more than 30 years volunteering as a community advocate, public speaker, writer, trainer, community program developer and seniors and children's rights activist. Her volunteer work has impacted many local and provincial programs. She advocates for greater inclusion of women and young girls in all areas of our community. Her professionalism, positive attitude and outstanding commitment have improved the lives of those who work and live in our community. An extraordinary woman, Diane stands out as a true inspiration to all of us."

  • McMaster Board of Advisors in partnership with YWCA: CIRCLE OF FRIENDS: "In her work with We Raise Our Children's Kids, or We R.O.C.K., founder Diane Chiarelli offers support and social opportunities to grandparents raising their grandchildren. It is an inclusive, supportive, self help group of grandparents bringing support to grandchildren. It supplies activities, social opportunities, emotional and court custody support."


  • WE ROCK Program  available at Boys and Girls Club facilitating community outreach and legal resources

  • Appointed Trustee for Vulnerable

  • Tribunal Representative assisting  individuals and families navigate in social services. 

  • Facilitator for: Outreach Program, poverty initiative, homelessness, Round Table on Poverty, Workshops for Youth at Risk, Seniors Tax Preparation, legal resources, support for striking steel workers.

  • Founder and facilitator of THE CHRISTMAS RUN which supports medically challenged and palliative care individuals and families in hospital at Christmas in need.

  • Summer Camp Fundraising-supporting children, youth and those with special needs have a camp experience.

  • Past Vice President of St. Mary's Secondary School Booster Club

  • Community Block Parent

  •  Program Leader of Math Blaster for inter-city children and youth in collaboration with the Hamilton Tiger Cats.

  • Hamilton born and raised, and HAMILTON PROUD!


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