Community in Mind


Representation: Transparent, accountable and reciprocal representation in

helping coproduce our community goods.


Safety: Safer streets, affordable and accessible housing, increased community

policing and funding, addressing homelessness and gentrification.


Development: Transforming grey areas into vibrant community spaces, Good urban inclusive design and sustainable development with community in mind, Integrated transportation and infrastructure establishing safer mobility.


Taxes: Our Taxes are High! Trying to manage our tax issues within the city, and keep a tight ship on our budget and expenses. 


Economic Growth and Development: We need to have a balance between the much needed development in our city and rising population, and the individual communities needs and concerns. (Higher taxes, Higher Cost of Living, Gentrification)


Transportation: In order to serve the needs of the current and future citizens, we need an integrated transportation network and badly needed updated infrastructure. We have to change our infrastructure because many parts of the city are so old and could use a boost.


LRT: I'm for the LRT... because we need better circulation within our city, and as the population rises and development booms, congestion will only get worse in the core. We have Seniors, Youth, and McMaster, Columbia International College, and High school students who don't drive and need dependable, reliable, cheap, and consistent transportation to get Downtown, to the Bayfront, and any other place they may want to tour.


HSR: I've always been a big supporter of our HSR Bus Service, and want to make sure that LRT Process goes smoothly with City involvement (citizens), the HSR, the Ontario Govt., Unions, and Local interests. We need more bus service in the periphery of our city in areas like Waterdown, Dundas, the East End, East Mountain, Glanbrook, Flamborough, Winona, Ancaster, etc. In terms of tax levy, we need an equal area rating across the amalgamated city. 


Our City is On the Rise!

We need better Transportation no matter what form the citizens may end up deciding upon. The Core of the city is the Heart of the city, and like any good Heart it needs fluid and efficient circulation. This means it starts with Ward 2. Our new and booming local restaurants, bars, entertainment, and businesses need reliable transportation to get people to experience all we have to offer from the Waterfront up to Escarpment, West to East, North to South.

Our Youth and Students need to be able to get to classes, enjoy a night out, experience our local cuisine, enjoy entertainment with friends, and tour our beautiful landscapes. It's also crucial for them to get to jobs and access our cities great social services. I feel without the LRT and with rising youthful populations and already disadvantaged seniors, the congestion will only get worse if we don't establish some kind of efficient transportation network. Our businesses, communities, events, and individuals NEED & Deserve More Than Adequate Transportation. It goes hand in hand with good development, and community in mind. 

What I want you to know :) 

I previously ran in 2010 in Ward 2 in an open election with a Grass Roots Campaign. This meant running on low resources (or next to none) and only door to door canvassing and daily conversations with individuals, families, and businesses in our community. Why... because I believe that representation is a reciprocal and inclusive relationship with each and every member of our community. I’m running again, because I promised after that election I would be back if the citizens of Ward 2 were not well represented. I’m Back!!! I guarantee my door will always be open, and I will listen to your concerns and act on them. I’ve always been committed to this city and have spent a good portion of my life in service to others. We have big changes happening in our city currently, that if not managed honestly and correctly with all of our communities in mind, could have a long-lasting negative impact on the future of our city.